Guidelines for Requesting Loans

             GUIDELINES FOR REQUESTING LOANS                                                                           Italian version (Regolamento di prestito per mostre)

1. The number of artworks requested must be sensibly limited. The Istituto centrale per la grafica cannot undertake preliminary research on behalf of the organizing Institution of the exhibition; the list of artworks must therefore be complete with registered find data. If completion and research are requested, a precautionary coverage of the resulting costs might be required with an estimate shown in the available tables.

2. The loan application must be addressed to the Head of Institute at least six months before the opening of the exhibition in order to allow both the evaluation of the state of conservation of the works, which is decisive for the granting of the loan itself, and the determination of the fee due. As well as their preparation to be displayed and the completion of all the operations needed for the granting of ministerial authorizations.

3. At the time of the official request, the organizing Institution is required to illustrate the general project of the exhibition, to specify the dates, the location, the inherent systems of custody and safety, climatic and environmental suitability (illustrated in a facility report in Italian or English) and to plan in advance any movements of the exhibition to other sites. The management of this Institute must be informed in advance of any changes. For reasons related to preservation and conservation, the overall duration of the exhibition of the works on loan cannot exceed six months. Our policy is that after three months of being on display, a work of art, is usually, at rest for the following three years.

4. A company specialized in the field, and to the lenders’ liking, must be in charge of the transport and packaging. The organizing Institution can indicate a preference among the trusted companies of this Institute, but the Management reserves the right to identify another subject without any particular explanations being required, all fees are at the expence of the claimant. The chosen company must show the letter of appointment and delegation for the withdrawal of the works, in order to proceed with the operations of transport and packaging. The above-mentioned letter must also be sent to the Institute, separately, in good time. The artworks cannot be delivered, in principle, before 10 days from the opening of the exhibition and must be returned to the premises of the Institute immediately after closing, penalties may be included in the contract in case of delay. Regarding the operations at the airport (an exclusive palletization and/ or with other artworks being shipped to the same museum is required) both in Italy and abroad, the only person responsible for the artworks until the opening of the crate in the Museum will be the forwarding agent, as per the attached proxy. However, whenever possible, the courier will be present at customs and airport operations.

5. The Istituto centrale per la grafica determines the insurance value of the individual artworks. The insurance policy is charged to the Institution and must be stipulated All risksfrom nail to nail” in the broadest formula of the market “for every risk, no one excluded, by anyone and in any case caused“, according to current international standards. It is understood that the insurance coverage of the policy must not contain exclusions of any kind and that it must expressly provide for the guarantees relating to damages resulting from:

  • a) hostilities, acts and operations of declared war (attacks) and their consequences and in general any accidents of war, mines, bombs or other war devices, civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection or civil struggle resulting therefrom;
  • b) capture, seizure, arrest, restrictive provisions, prohibitions on trade, detention, detention and their consequences, and any attempt to do so by actions, provisions or measures of governments, authorities and peoples; provisions taken by persons seeking to usurp public authority, strikes, close-knit acts or acts against freedom to work, riots or civil unrest;
  • c) acts of persons acting out of wickedness, political or terrorist reasons, acts of vandalism, boycott, sabotage;
  • d) undeclared acts of war;
  • e) accepted estimate;
  • f) 100% depreciation with full ownership of the Istituto centrale per la grafica;
  • g) theft with skill;
  • h) losses and damage resulting from sudden temperature and climate changes resulting from the breakdown of air conditioning and air conditioning equipment;
  • i) damage caused by woodworm, moth or other insects;
  • j) losses and damage resulting from light irradiation as a result of accidental events, such as incorrect outfitting, power surge or failure of the installation;l) gross negligence of the insured person;
  • m) packaging defect and defect;
  • n) waive the claim against carriers, packers and their correspondents;
  • o) an earthquake;
  • p) natural disasters;
  • q) terrorism on transport and storage;
  • r) inundations and floods.

All clauses must be explicitly stated in the insurance certificate along with the list of artworks produced by the Institute.  In the event of non-compliance, the Management reserves the right, when it deems it opportune, to choose directly the Insurance Company. The insurance policy must be received, in original and in sworn translation in Italian, at this Institute at least 10 days before the delivery of the works. In the event of non-compliance, the management of the Institute reserves the right not to accept the policy and cancel the loan practice without owing anything to the applicant.

6. The artworks loaned must be accompanied by a courier (a technical Officier or a Restorer) delegated by the Director of this Institute. The courier will deliver the artworks to the exhibition manager and attend to their installation on site. In case of loan for exhibitions entirely organized or in large part exhibiting artworks by this Institute, two or more escorting couriers will be needed to ensure greater safety. As set out in the relevant Appendix to the Guidelines, in principle, the courier is expected to have a two-night and three-day mission for exhibition in Italy, and three nights and four days for international exhibitions. For non-European countries, overnight stays may be increased according to the number of pieces lent.  In addition, for the withdrawal of artworks, the official in charge must also be insured against accidents and medical expenses for travel to countries where there is no free health care and supplementary insurance must be provided if special measures are necessary. All expenses are responsability of the organizing Institution.

7. Prints, drawings and photographs travel in passe-partout, mounted and framed under glass-sealed. The seals cannot be removed without prior written authorization by the Direction of this Institute. Metal plates or wooden blocks are sent in special plexiglass frames. The containers and any restoration of the works must be carried out by trusted Institute’s specialist and under their guidance. All expenses are responsibility of the organizing body. The frames created for the conservation, handling and display of the artworks will remain in the ownership of the Istituto centrale per la grafica. If not agreed in advance and only for major unforeseen events, the withdrawn of the loan involves the payment of the costs incurred, of the cost of any research referred to in point 1). The latter costs will be in any case sustained by the applicant.

8. The works can only be displayed in the rooms/spaces intended for the exhibition and must not be removed for any reason from such rooms. The Institute reserves the rights to check periodically to verify the state of conservation of the works granted on loan.  Should the need arise, and should the loan exceed three months, the resulting costs are responsibility of the applicant.

9. The granting of the loan is subject to the organizing Institution’s commitment to comply with the provisions established by this Institute for adequate conservation of the artworks and for their safety.

Prints, drawings, photographs:

  • a) must not be exposed to direct natural or artificial light; cold artificial light limited to the stable value of 50-60 lux; for photographs 40-45 lux
  • b) constant temperature between 18 ° and 22 ° C; photographs 18 ° C
  • c) constant relative humidity between 50-60%; photographs 45%

Metal plates and wooden blocks:

  • a) 50-60 lux (stable)
  • b) stable temperature 20 ° C
  • c) stable relative humidity 50%, for wood 60%

The artworks must be protected from excessive changes in temperature and humidity levels even during storage and during any displacement before and after the exhibition.

Safety rules:

  • a) presence of non-water fire-fighting devices;
  • b) exhibition halls equipped with remote alarm and surveillance system with recording circuit cameras;
  • c) security personnel attending day and night.

Should one of these conditions not be met, the Direction of this Institute must be promptly informed. The Management reserves the rights to cancel the loan. It is understood that, should the conditions stated in the facility report not be met, the escorting staff may collect the works at their discretion and any resulting expense will be responsibility of the applicant.

10. Each artwork is accompanied by a condition report with relative photograph and detailed information regarding its physical defects. The condition report describes the specific requirements for its conservation if necessary. Upon delivery, the form (previously sent to the applicant) must be validated and signed by both the exhibition manager, or his/ her delegate, and by the representative of this Institute. Same procedure will apply at the moment of the collection of the artefact, the conservation cart will have to record any changes detected/ occurred during the time of the loan.

11. In case of damage to the works, the organizing Institution must promptly inform the Management of this Institute. No restoration work must be undertaken without the authorization of this Management.

12. The artworks must be displayed and cited in the catalogue with the indications of their provenance and ownership to the permanent collection of the Istituto centrale per la grafica: Rome, Istituto centrale per la grafica, courtesy of the Ministry of Culture. In the case of artworks belonging to the Fondo Corsini (FC), the following must be added: Property of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei

13. The expenses and rights of reproduction of the photographs are responsibility of the organizing Institution. For the entire duration of the exhibition, the works cannot be photographed or reproduced in video documentaries, not even for educational or advertising purposes, without prior authorization by this Institute.

14. Not less than four copies of the exhibition catalogue must be sent to this Institute, addressed to the Direction, within the closing date, under penalty of renewal of the collaboration with the organization. The organizing Institution also accepts to guarantee free access to the exhibition for the staff of this Institute and for third party personnel delegated for this purpose.

15. For exhibitions located outside the national territory, the organizing body must send a declaration in advance to this Institute in which they guarantee the return to Italy of the artworks at the end of the exhibition. They also confirm the guarantee of immunity from judicial seizure of the works of art.

16. In case of exhibitions organized in collaboration with this Institute, an additional contract will be drafted with different clauses where required.

Please note: For the duration of the COVID 19 pandemic situation and its variants, it is understood that if, on the dates agreed for sending the goods, the area where the works are to be exhibited is closed to exhibitions of any kind or museum institutions (whether by government decree or by local authorities), the loan procedure will be cancelled. No reimbursement of fees paid for any reason whatsoever may be demanded as a result of the onerous procedures undertaken by this Institute. The continuation of the file implies the automatic acceptance of this clause. The same applies in the event of situations of diplomatic uncertainty or international military escalation, which the Institute reserves the right to assess at its sole discretion.

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