Appendix to the Guidelines for Requesting Loans


In relation to point 6 of the Guidelines, the Management of this Institute establishes the following rules for the escorting individual responsibilities:

  1. The artworks travelling outside the national territory must travel exclusively by air and by direct flight (unless otherwise agreed);
  2. The courier escorting the artworks by air must travel exclusively by direct flight and in a business class seat or higher depending on the flight. They must also be insured against any inconvenience, including aggressions, pandemics, war and other that could harm to people with guaranteed admission in first class (this policy must be favoured before the start of the trip);
  3. In the event that the artworks travel in a hand-held box, an extra seat is required, and the airline crew must be informed in advance of the presence of the box to facilitate boarding operations;
  4. The organizing body must send the return tickets before the trip itself;
  5. The courier must be escorted by a person in charge of the organizing body (transporter or car of the organization) during intermediate journeys;
  6. In cases where the artworks travel by truck, the tour leader will reach the city of the exhibition with a suitable means of transport (by train, business class ticket change booking free), also in this event the organizing body organise for  the return tickets to be sent before the trip itself. However, the management of the Institute reserves the right to request a private car or that the accompanying person travels on the vehicle with the works. Depending on the value of the artworks. an armed escort could be requested, or the separation of the artworks in different vehicles to limit risk factors;
  7. The organizing body is responsible to reimburse transfers costs for journeys to and from railway stations or/ and airports;
  8. The hotel must be of at least four stars and must be booked by the organizing body which will cover the cost of accommodation;
  9. The daily allowance, as a flat-rate reimbursement of expenses, must be delivered to the courier upon his/her arrival at the exhibition site.
  10. The daily allowance is set at € 100.00 per day in Italy and € 150.00 per day in Europe; for The United Kingdom (UK) and other non-European Community Countries, no lower arrangement will be provided.

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