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Marta Roberti – Bestiario dell’altro mondo


Marta Roberti (Brescia, 1977)

Bestiary of the other world
The Eagle of Justice (Canto XIX, Par. 1-21)


part of the installation consisting of eight drawings engraved on carbon paper covered with graphite, backlit and one video animation

Work selected within the Cantica 21 project – Dante Section, 2020


The work by Marta Roberti is a suggestive installation of nine panels assuming the shape of a huge leporello book, in which eight large drawings engraved on carbon paper, backlit, are accompanied by a video animation. Only one of the drawings, The Eagle of Justice, is on display, while four other drawings are simultaneously on display at the Italian Culture Institute in Paris.
The Bestiary from the other world proposed by the artist focuses on some animals met by Dante in the journey narrated in the Divine Comedy.

Leporello book: A leporello structure (or concertina) is a double-sided accordion book with folios (folded pages) that alternate back to front. It flutters open with ease and is a great structure for collaborative books.


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